Thank you for visiting This site is meant to keep a small part of music history alive. Charvel Mfg., now a division of Fender Musical Instruments. The original company was founded in 1977 and turned the guitar world on its ear for the better part of a decade. Even under new ownership, they continue to make some of the finest guitars and basses today. We can thank Fender for retaining key Charvel Mfg. employees from the old days who are still employed at the factory!

This site was launched Sept 18, 1997. Since that time, it has been in a state of constant revision. This site actually started life as '' containing information about Charvel and Jackson guitars. Since that time it has been retooled to focus on USA Charvel guitars manufactured between 1977 and February 1986. Since we are all guitar enthusiasts and, by extension, fans of amps, effects, and all things guitar I have included other brands of guitars, amplifiers, and other random items of interest.

From the original inception of this website, my idea was to use my own collection of guitars to tell the story of Charvel Mfg. While this site is primarily focused on my personal collection of guitars, the intent is to provide the visitor a complete picture of the development and evolution of the San Dimas Charvel guitar as it existed in the early to mid 1980's. Navigating the site using the menu on the left readers will find details about each guitar as well as peripheral items of interest. For each I have written about details and specifics regarding design features, stories, and changes which took place over the span of the examples in my collection. By reading the text and studying the pictures, the reader should be able to identify features and characteristics common among original USA made Charvel guitars. Other areas of this site feature factory literature, technical component descriptions, and identification tips.

Please keep in mind this is my personal site full of my opinions based on my experience playing and collecting these guitars over the past two decades. I am in no way affiliated with Jackson/Charvel Guitars or Fender Musical Instruments.

Also, be sure to check the links section as there are many Charvel and Jackson fansites out there with a vast array of information, photos, and stories related to these great guitars.

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